Third Party Logistics Services in India

Integrated 3PL Services

AMC Logistics is one of the leading provider of Third party logistics services in India known for continually performing the safe carriage of inventory and goods from factories to warehouses/ ports of loading for its clients. Third party logistics or 3PL services in simple words refers to the services that allows the clients to outsource operational logistics such as safe warehousing and delivery of goods. With proficiency in the field of logistics & supply chain management, AMC Logistics offers you not just the ease of import export operations but also provides a significant decrease in operational costs. Our 3PL services includes transportation, warehousing, picking goods, inventory management, order fulfillment, packaging and freight forwarding.

AMC Logistics being one of the highly trusted and reliable 3PL companies in India offers varied customized & integrated logistics solutions ranging from supply chain planning, operations, shipping and distribution to packaging with the help of a world class technology, innovative resources and optimized mode of transportation. Our logistics solutions encompass all the facets of the supply chain required to coordinate the smooth commodity flow of the clients from the source to destination.

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Flexible Logistics Supply

Supply chain management is one of the crucial task that we perform for our customers in the form of outsourcing and delivering their products at the mentioned/ agreed destination. Amongst AMC Logistics's gamut of services 3PL is the most competitive one that is delivered with excellence and efficiency and offers a lots of advantages. By handing over your logistics to AMC Logistics, you can stop worrying about storage & transportation of your goods and extensively focus on other aspects of expanding your business. We organize and manage all inbound and outbound transportation by air, sea or land among suppliers and warehouses/production facilities.

Starting from initial planning, procurement and management of your transport network to the storage of the purchased products, we oversee and manage the entire process directly and provide our clients a single platform to meet all their logistics requirements and exim needs. AMC Logistics offers you 24x7 transportation service with the promise of safe delivery of your products-so that your business acquires the benefit, it justifies. AMC Logistics provides various platform for your product to access the markets of your choice, when necessary. With their extensive experience in logistics solutions and supply management the experienced team of professionals at AMC Logistics have established its reputation as among the prominent 3PL logistics companies in India.